What to do if your car overheats this summer

WITH most of the country experiencing unusually high temperatures this week, it’s inevitable that many of us will have to deal with a car overheating.

While it is rare for modern vehicles to overheat in hot weather, the two most common reasons for overheating are low water and coolant levels in the radiator or a leak in the cooling system.

It’s important to check the coolant level. If you aren’t sure where to look for the reservoir, check your owner’s manual. If the level is normal, you might just have a malfunctioning temperature gauge.

However, if it’s low or empty there’s probably a coolant leak. In that case, I’d strongly suggest you call roadside assistance. But if you have to keep driving, make sure the engine is cool, and protect your hand with a glove or a rag, then twist off the radiator cap. Refill both the radiator and the reservoir, using coolant or if necessary, water. This should bring the temperature down once you’re underway, but stay vigilant as you most probably have a serious leak somewhere.

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If you are unsure of the level’s of your vehicles Fluids please call us @ BIP Auto Parts and we WILL assist you!

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