If there are minor scratches all over your car, you might need to get them fixed. By opting for a car spray painting service, you can give your car a whole new look. The professionals at BIP Auto Spares will ensure that the job is done perfectly, and your car is completely scratch-free. Unlike other car repair companies, we do not use cheap materials to get your car sprayed. Instead, we use only premium-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to repair and restore your car.

Our expert team will use their skills and knowledge as well as modern techniques to restore your car’s paint to its original condition. No matter the make or model, BIP Auto Spares has you covered with its wide range of car repair services. Our team of spray painters specialise in car spray painting for all car models and can return your vehicle to showroom condition. From minor cosmetic paint touch-ups to full vehicle resprays, our specialist takes care of even the slightest detail and make sure everything is well taken care of.

At BIP Auto Spares, we guarantee absolute paint finish after body repairs or restoration. We have a professional team working under us who are well-versed in their respective jobs, who ensure they work efficiently to deliver flawless results for our customers. They are well trained and highly experienced in colour selection and paint mixing and will accurately match with the original shade of your vehicle. Without compromising on the quality of paint and other materials used in the process, we are committed to offering customer satisfaction and lifetime-guaranteed results.

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    Why choose us for car spray painting service?

    Being amongst the most reputed car repair servicing companies in Melbourne, we use the best methods and most technologically updated computerized paint-matching technology to find an exact match for your vehicle’s unique paint code. We have some of the best spray-painting experts backing us who are specially trained to use cutting-edge technology and practices to avoid any error during car painting service. So next time, when you are searching for someone to get your car repainted, contact BIP Auto Spares. There are many reasons to why you should choose us, and some of them may include:

    1.Efficient, convenient, and affordable car spray painting services in Melbourne
    2.Dedicated and skilled team
    3.Exceptional customer service
    4.Factory finish for your vehicle
    5.Round-the-clock availability to answer your queries
    6.Free towing service

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    At BIP Auto Spares, we are your best shot when you need spray painting service for your vehicle. Whether you need a complete car respray or minor spot treatments for your vehicle, you can count on us for the job. We have been offering exceptional car spray painting services in Melbourne to several clients in the past who have come to us with the sole purpose of getting a complete and thorough makeover for their vehicle. We pride ourselves on the excellent results we have delivered, and they still rely on us for any of their car servicing needs. Get in touch with us to bring your old and dilapidated car back to life. Email or Call Us at 03 8361 8141 today and let us know how we can help you.

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    Allen Lazar
    Allen Lazar
    Good people, excellent service
    dale allen
    dale allen
    Great customer service great work thank you
    Seany G
    Seany G
    BIP is your one stop shop for all your Toyota needs. They have a wide range of parts as well as the knowledge to solve all your problems. John and the team are fantastic 👍🏼
    Loveleen Kaur
    Loveleen Kaur
    Very friendly staff- special thanks to Paul for assistance. Service was accomodating and efficient. Highly recommended🤗 Thank you.
    Amin Ali
    Amin Ali
    Very happy and helpful staff at the front office and work shop. I was just after 1 bolt. You would think they would be annoyed, but they found it and didn't charge me
    alan haydar
    alan haydar
    John ans Mary good and honest people, the prices are cheaper from others