Full Car Spray Painting in Melbourne

Car spray painting is vital for maintaining your car’s appearance. Daily use and exposure to the elements can cause wear and tear on cars. Spray painting helps in maintaining their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. It’s not just about looks – this also shields your vehicle from rust, corrosion and more. In Melbourne’s ever-changing weather, a tough paint job is important to shield your car.

If your car has minor scratches all over, perhaps it’s time to get that fixed. At BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd, our car spray painting service can give your Toyota a fresh look. Your car deserves the best and that’s exactly what we deliver. Our mechanics use modern techniques to restore your car’s paint to its original shine. They are trained to handle all car models with precision. We’ve got a range of spray painting services. Whether it’s a minor touch-up or a full respray, we’ll handle everything so that your vehicle gets a showroom-ready look.

We prioritise customer satisfaction above all else. So bring your vehicle to us and we’ll assess the paint’s condition to see what must be done. Additionally, our competitive prices and 100% workmanship guarantee deliver the best possible results.

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    Our Car Spray Painting Process

    Does your car’s faded paint job make it look worn out? One of the best solutions is a full car respray painting to give your vehicle a stunning new look. At BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd, we follow a systematic process to ensure shiny results:

    • Pre-painting Inspection: Before we begin, a thorough inspection of your car is done to identify areas that need attention, such as scratches or dents. These are marked for repair to ensure a complete restoration.

    • Preparation for Painting: To prepare the surface for painting, we carefully remove any trims, lights or emblems that could affect the quality of the repainting. Areas that won’t be painted are masked off using tape or masking film to protect them during the process.

    • Repair and Surface Preparation: A flawless paint job requires a flat, even surface. Therefore, we repair and fix all damaged areas before painting. Our spray painters use body fillers, sanding or other methods to fix damaged areas. This is key for getting a uniform finish.

    • Cleaning and Degreasing: Before painting, the area is thoroughly cleaned with wax and grease remover. This step is crucial for proper paint adhesion and a stunning finish.

    • Base Coat Application: We apply 2-3 layers of base coat with short intervals in between to achieve optimal coverage and colour consistency.

    • Dust Removal: After applying the base coat, a clean cloth is used to remove any dust particles that may have settled on the surface.

    • Clear Coat Application: Once the base coat is dry, the surface gets another 2-3 clear coats via spray painting. This gives it a glossy appearance and provides protection.

    • Curing and Polish: We give the paint time to fully cure before a final polish. This brings out the full gloss and depth of the new paint. It also promotes adhesion and speeds up the drying process.

    • Finishing Touches: Any masking applied earlier is removed, and all parts are refitted together to complete the restoration process.

    • Final Inspection and Delivery: Before handing your car back to you, we give it a wash for a clean look. We, then, contact you to arrange a collection, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

    Experienced Car Spray Painters in Melbourne

    When it comes to auto painting, precision is paramount. At BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd, we’re here to help you out. Our car spray painters have decades of experience and keep up-to-date with the latest techniques. They take the time to properly prep and spray paint your car for long-lasting results. From minor touch-ups to full resprays, we know how to make your car look its absolute best.

    To ensure a flawless finish, we only use high-quality materials. The resulting paint job blends with the original colour, leaving no visible difference. We pay meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a long-lasting shine for your ride. Additionally, our workshop takes care of rust to protect your car from further damage. Moreover, we can perform custom spray painting jobs including colours, metal flakes, graphics and other modifications you may want. Whether you want to repaint the original colour or go a custom paint job, we’re here to help. With years of industry experience, we treat every car with great care.

    Full Car Respray and Painting

    Full car respray involves completely stripping and repainting the whole exterior of your vehicle. It restores colour vibrancy, enhances shine or gloss, and protects against UV damage. Consider it the ultimate way to update the look of a classic car or give your car a custom look.

    Our full car repainting service not only gives older vehicles a new look but also delivers the desired finish. Here’s what we provide:

    • Exterior Painting: Our comprehensive car respray painting covers the full exterior of your vehicle, including the body, doors, hood, trunk, roof, mirrors, bumpers and trim.

    • Interior Painting: We offer interior painting services for dashboards, centre consoles, door panels, and cargo areas. This gives your vehicle a fresh, unified appearance.

    Why Choose Us?

    Going for a professional car repainting can enhance the look and value of your vehicle. With our expertise and attention to detail, we aim for a superior finish. Here are a few reasons to go for BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd:

    • Reasonable Rates: We offer affordable car spray painting services across Melbourne.

    • Skilled Team: Our mechanics give your vehicle a factory finish.

    • Exceptional Customer Service: We’re here to answer all your queries for great customer service.

    • Cutting-edge Technology: Our spray painting uses updated paint-matching technology and practices. This ensures accuracy and avoids errors during the painting process.

    • Free Towing Service: To top it off, we also offer a free towing service for added convenience.

    You can visit our workshop in Melbourne for an estimate for your car. We are confident that our car repainting service will exceed your expectations. Call us on 03 8361 8141 or drop us an email at parts@bipautospares.com.au to learn more about our full car respray capabilities.

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