BIP Auto Spares is a reliable automobile service provider in Melbourne that offers professional repair work and genuine spares for Toyota vehicles of almost every model. This includes everything from routine maintenance checks to engine overhauls to car wrecking services. You can expect excellent services at the most affordable rates with us.

Part of our business caters to auto wrecking. Our large collection of auto spare parts does not only include brand new components. A large part of our inventory is filled with used car parts that have been carefully salvaged from old and broken down cars. These are collected, cleaned,repaired, and tested before being sold to our customers.

Operating as car wreckers provide us with access to a never-ending supply of reusable car parts. The team is always hard at work procuring genuine parts that can be repurposed in other vehicles. This also means that we are able to provide quality, OEM standard auto components at a fraction of the cost of new parts. We have highly qualified professionals who are familiar with disassembling vehicles of all Toyota recovering a variety of recyclable parts. They use the most advanced equipment and methods to ensure quick, efficient work.

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    How does our car wrecking service work?

    One cannot simply dispose of old vehicles in their present state. They must be broken down and carefully dismantled before being recycled. Auto car wreckers will identify and recover any usable parts that can be sold. Unusable metal parts, such as a smashed chassis, bumper, or internal components beyond repair, are sold to scrap companies and recycled.

    BIP Auto Spares ensures that old, decommissioned vehicles are carefully disposed of to pose the least threat to the environment. Often, old vehicles will be simply stripped of usable parts and dumped in landfills. Our methods are completely different. As the latest car wreckers in town, the team uses a complex process that ensures all functional components are recovered and unusable materials are reprocessed properly. This procedure also includes the safe disposal of materials and fluids that cannot be resold or recycled.

    • Wheels and tyres: Our experts will remove wheels and tyres from scrapped vehicles. A car that has been scrapped due to engine failure or severe chassis damage may still have relatively new tyres with plenty of tread remaining. For car owners, used tyres and wheels are a convenient and cost-effective option.
    • Car battery: If the battery still has plenty of juice, auto wreckers will remove it for use. Car batteries are common components that need constant replacement. Scrapped cars may still have working batteries, which can be very useful for other drivers.
    • Catalytic converter: This is an exhaust emission control device that aids in the reduction of pollutants from a car’s exhaust fumes. They are found in vehicles with internal combustion engines (such as gasoline or diesel), and brand-new replacements can be expensive.
    • Electronic components: Modern automobiles contain a large number of valuable electronic components that can be costly to replace. These components, including starter motors, electronic modules, alternators, and entertainment systems, will be removed by auto car wreckers.

    Benefits of choosing reliable car wreckers

    If you have ever searched for “Auto wrecking near me” and the results show a number of car wrecking services in your area, which one do you go for? Finding the right auto wrecking company is crucial to get a good price and ensure eco-friendly disposal of your vehicle. Whatever your reasons are for selling your car, hiring a reliable auto wrecking service in Melbourne is recommended. Some of the advantages of using an auto-wrecking service are:

    • Reliable vehicle removal
    • Fair price for your car
    • Source of low-cost auto parts
    • Reclaim space on your property
    • Proper disposal of hazardous substances
    • Hassle-free process

    Why trust bip auto spare’s wreckers?

    BIP Auto Spares provides a 100% guarantee that your vehicle will be responsibly disposed of. Our team employs only the best equipment to ensure excellent results. We may be one of the latest car wreckers in Melbourne, but we have the technical capacity to deliver consistent results. Here are a few reasons why we are regarded as one of the best wreckers:

    • We are knowledgeable, dependable, and trustworthy
    • We pay top cash for junk cars
    • We provide hassle-free car removals
    • We source fromToyota models in all conditions
    • We refurbish genuine parts from your old cars

    If you seek reliable Toyota wreckers, you know whom to call. Call us immediately on 03 8361 8141 or write to us at



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    Wrecking 2018 Toyota Hiace Model KDH223 Commuter Bus

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    BIP is your one stop shop for all your Toyota needs. They have a wide range of parts as well as the knowledge to solve all your problems. John and the team are fantastic ??
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