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As cars get older, they naturally start to wear out. You will need to replace various parts to keep everything running. This applies to all vehicles, even durable ones like the Toyota. They are one of the most popular car brands in Australia. The Japanese auto manufacturer is well-known for producing high-quality, heavy-duty vehicles. Even then, the well-maintained Toyota still needs repairs every once in a while. That’s when used spare parts for Toyota come in handy.

Access to high-quality spare parts is essential for Toyota owners. Quality components keep your car running smoothly. That’s why it’s crucial to go for a reliable dealer for car parts, especially ones for Toyota. BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd offers servicing used Toyota parts in Melbourne. As an authorised spare parts dealer, only parts that meet our standards make it onto our shelves. That way, you get genuine, top-quality used parts for your Toyota.

Our extensive range caters to all Toyota models, including 2WD and 4WD vehicles. We have parts for models like the Corolla, RAV4, Hilux and Landcruiser. Our experienced staff can find the right spare parts for your Toyota. If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll find a way to get them or provide an alternative solution.

Some of the used Toyota spare parts we stock include:

  • Steering and suspension parts
  • Electrical parts
  • Body and exterior parts
  • Interior trim and fittings

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    About our toyota spare parts services in & around melbourne

    We have years of experience, expanded our business over time and provided countless customers with reliable Toyota used spare parts in Melbourne and nearby areas. We have an innovative inventory system, and our knowledgeable staff offers wholesale and retail sales around the clock. Our customers receive highly professional, efficient services. Here are some quick notes on our team:

    We target vehicles with less mileage for parts, meaning you can expect better quality, longer-lasting items.
    We occupy 3000m2 of warehouse space, which gives us more than enough room to stock all our valuable and functional parts.
    We aim to supply our parts at competitive prices to offer you value beyond warranty dates.

    4X4 Part Store: Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Toyota Parts

    Built for rugged conditions, 4WD vehicles need specialised 4X4 parts and accessories for off-road driving. We also function as a 4X4 parts store, stocking almost every component you require for your Toyota 4WD in one place. Our store has a smart system to keep track of all parts. Moreover, we’ve got experienced mechanics to fit parts and perform repairs.

    Some everyday Toyota 4X4 parts we sell include:

    Whether you want to enhance the looks of your Toyota 4WD, increase its cargo capacity, or turn it into a hardcore off-road machine, we’ve got you covered. Here are some features of our 4X4 parts store:

    • Quality Assurance: We try to get used Toyota parts from vehicles with lower mileage. This means the parts work well and last a long time.
    • Extensive Inventory: Our warehouse has enough space to let us stock several parts for various Toyota models.
    • Competitive Prices: We offer good deals on Toyota car parts. Our low prices allow you to maintain your Toyota without compromising on quality.
    • Environmentally-friendly Practices: By salvaging and properly testing parts, we help reduce landfill waste. We ensure that useful vehicle parts are restored and reused.

    What sets us apart from other toyota parts suppliers?

    We consider ourselves a home for all Toyota used spare parts in Melbourne and strive to make your auto spare part shopping hassle-free. Here are some ways in which we provide top-quality services:

    Our professionals are always happy to help with your search, and we will gladly use our network to watch out for stock should we not currently have what you need.
    We offer the most comprehensive range of Toyota spare parts around Melbourne, so you will likely find it here if you cannot find it elsewhere.
    We offer a 30-day warranty on any product you buy to protect you should something go wrong unexpectedly.
    Our professionals thoroughly inspect all the parts we carry so you can receive all the details, from the age of the item to the smallest scratches.

    Examples of toyota parts our melbourne wreckers can supply

    You can trust us if you need Toyota parts from Melbourne wreckers; we are the team for you. Here are some quick examples of everyday items we provide to clients:

    • Exterior:
      We have many outside Toyota parts, such as headlights, rims, and mirrors, to name a few. Our professionals can quickly tell you what we have in stock if you need specific exterior parts.
    • Interior:
      As with other components, you can use second-hand parts for your vehicle’s interior. We most likely have it if you need something small such as a seatbelt socket, or something more intricate, like a dashboard meter.
    • Under The Hood:
      We can provide you with an array of Toyota spare parts around Melbourne – from engines to oil filters and beyond – to restore functionality to your vehicle.

    Why Choose BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd?

    Whether you’re purchasing several parts or just one specific part, we’ll help you find the right spares. If we’ve better options available, we let you in on it too. Our goal is to become your one-stop shop for used Toyota parts in Melbourne.

    Here’s how we help:

    • Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff: Our team is always ready to help you find what you need. If we don’t have the part, we’ll try to get it for you.
    • Comprehensive Range: We have the biggest range of Toyota parts in Melbourne. If you need a particular part, it’s likely to be there in our stock.
    • Warranty: We provide a 30-day warranty on all parts for your peace of mind.
    • Thorough Inspection: Our staff check all parts before putting them on sale. That way, you know its age and condition before buying.

    Our experienced team can provide valuable advice to help you choose the right Toyota parts to suit your vehicle and budget. For inquiries or assistance, call us on 03 8361 8141 or email us at parts@bipautospares.com.au.

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