High-quality Suspension Parts to Suit Toyota Vehicles in Melbourne

Improve your driving experience with our selection of second-hand genuine suspension parts to suit Toyota vehicles. Maintaining your vehicle’s suspension system is important to ensure optimal performance, comfort and safety on the road. BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd has a comprehensive range of reliable suspension components for all Toyota models. As a leading provider of auto spares in Melbourne, we stock high-quality parts, including the OEM versions. Every item is carefully inspected before being put on sale. So, if you wish to replace worn-out parts or upgrade your suspension, visit our store.

Get Suspension Parts to Suit All Toyota Models

Experience smoother rides and improved handling with our selection of second-hand genuine suspension car parts to suit various Toyota models. We have included our product list below:

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    • Shock Absorbers: Shock absorbers ensure a comfortable ride by dampening the impact of uneven road surfaces. You will find shock absorbers for great deals at our shop.

    • Shocks and Struts: These parts also contribute towards ensuring a smooth and controlled driving experience. Given their vital role, we test them thoroughly before putting them on sale.

    • Bushings: These small but crucial components provide cushioning and reduce friction between moving parts. They minimise noise and vibration. We have good quality bushings at very competitive prices.
    • Springs: Springs support the weight of the vehicle and absorb impacts from the road. They make all the difference between a comfortable and controlled ride and a bumpy one. If you’re looking for springs suitable for your Toyota, we have them as well.

    Find Cost-effective Suspension Parts at BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd

    We want our customers to enjoy affordability without compromising on quality. Our selection of suspension parts allows you to save money while maintaining performance and durability. BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd is one of the top auto shops that offer cheap suspension car parts to suit Toyota models. Our team prioritises customer satisfaction and provides installation services too. We’ll keep your Toyota in top condition by providing second-hand genuine suspension parts at the right price.

    Here’s a list of Toyota models compatible with our suspension parts:

    • Toyota Land Cruiser

    • Toyota Prado

    • Toyota RAV4

    • Toyota Yaris

    • Toyota Camry

    • Toyota Aurion

    • Toyota Hiace

    • Toyota Kluger

    Why Choose BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd for Suspension Parts to Suit Toyotas?

    When it comes to second-hand genuine suspension parts for your Toyota, BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd stands out. Here’s why:

    • Quality Selection: We take pride in offering a wide range of quality second-hand genuine suspension parts. These are suited for Toyota models, providing good reliability and performance.

    • Expert Assistance: Our staff is here to help you find the right suspension parts for your Toyota. We’ll ensure compatibility and optimal performance for every component. Whether you have questions about specific parts or need installation advice, we’re here to help.

    • Customer Satisfaction: We deliver exceptional service and support to ensure that your experience with us is nothing short of excellent. From helping you select the right parts to providing expert installation assistance, we’ll meet your expectations every step of the way.

    Upgrade your suspension with our selection of second-hand genuine suspension parts to suit Toyota vehicles in Melbourne. You’ll enjoy better ride quality and handling. With improved suspension, you’ll experience better control and enhanced stability on the road. You can call us on 03 8361 8141 to talk to our team. You can also send us an email at parts@bipautospares.com.au if you’re interested in our other services.


    By opting for such parts, you can save money without compromising on quality or reliability. You also get enhanced vehicle performance and comfort.

    Yes, when sourced from a reputable seller and properly tested, such suspension parts for Toyota are very reliable. Our stringent inspection process ensures that each part meets quality standards and is suitable for your Toyota.

    It’s essential to verify compatibility by cross-referencing the part numbers or consulting with our knowledgeable staff. This ensures that the suspension parts are suitable for your specific Toyota model. We’re here to help you find the right parts for your vehicle for a seamless fit.

    Commonly available suspension parts that are suitable for Toyota vehicles include shock absorbers, shocks/struts, bushings, springs, control arms, and sway bar links. These components play essential roles in maintaining your vehicle’s stability, comfort, and handling on the road. If you need such parts, please contact our support team.

    Before purchasing suspension parts, it’s crucial to visually inspect the parts for any signs of damage or wear. Additionally, having the parts professionally inspected is another option. At BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd, our experienced staff will evaluate the condition of the parts. They also ensure it meets your vehicle’s requirements for reliability and performance.

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