Searching for used spare parts for your Toyota Aurion? The lack of availability of quality spare parts forces several Toyota Aurion cars to be taken off the road. This also leads to delay in the servicing and repair of Toyota Aurion as the workshops struggle to find the spare parts of the older models.

BIP Auto Spares is one of the largest suppliers of used spare parts to suit Toyota Aurion in Melbourne. We stock and supply high-quality and high performing used spare parts to suit all the models.

It is a myth that used spare parts are of inferior quality or affect vehicle performance. Used spare parts are not fake or spurious products that can have an adverse impact on your car or vehicle. These are the spare parts that are taken out by wreckers from written-off vehicles in dismantling yards.

As one of the biggest wreckers in Melbourne, we can salvage used spare parts from numerous less driven vehicles. Only undamaged and ready-for-use products are taken out of these vehicles. Every product or spare part that is salvaged goes through rigorous quality checks by our experienced mechanics before they are catalogued and made available for sale. The quality of our used spare parts to suit all models of Toyota and other cars has made us one the most trusted and respected spare parts supplier in the city.

You can check with our experts if you need any spare part for your Toyota Aurion. We have various spare parts at our shop, such as braking systems, car seats, locking sets, headlights and taillights, gearboxes, transmission, engine parts, air filters etc. Buying used spare parts from BIP Auto Spares is a stress-free experience as our friendly and polite staff assists you in finding the spare parts that you require and ordering the same with speedy delivery options.

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    Both car owners and service or repair workshops benefit by buying used spare parts instead of genuine spare parts. Some of these advantages are:

    • Cost-saving: Genuine spare parts for a high-end vehicle like Toyota Aurion are very costly, unlike used spare parts. On average, used spare parts are available for almost half the price of genuine spare parts. While the costlier genuine spare parts push up the bill substantially along with the cost of servicing and repair.

    • Availability of older models: Another key reason for the popularity of used spare parts for a vehicle like Toyota Aurion is that older models’ spare parts are also readily available. With the passage of time and newer models coming up every year, OEM companies and their suppliers tend to ignore and stop production and sale of the spare parts of older vehicles. With used spare parts salvaged from the vehicles that have been taken off the road, these spare parts are made available for use.

    • Faster servicing and repair: Your old Toyota Aurion is repaired and serviced faster with the easy availability of used spare parts. This is a big advantage for car owners and service stations alike.

    • Environment and energy-saving: There is a huge saving in terms of resources and labour, every time you buy used spare parts for your Toyota vehicle. The fastest way to buy spare parts to suit Toyota Aurion is by taking the help of our knowledgeable and efficient staff of BIP Auto Spares. Call us on 03 8361 8141 for your spare parts requirement or visit our warehouse to buy high-quality and high-performance used spare parts at the best prices.

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    Allen Lazar
    Allen Lazar
    Good people, excellent service
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    dale allen
    Great customer service great work thank you
    Seany G
    Seany G
    BIP is your one stop shop for all your Toyota needs. They have a wide range of parts as well as the knowledge to solve all your problems. John and the team are fantastic ??
    Loveleen Kaur
    Loveleen Kaur
    Very friendly staff- special thanks to Paul for assistance. Service was accomodating and efficient. Highly recommended? Thank you.
    Amin Ali
    Amin Ali
    Very happy and helpful staff at the front office and work shop. I was just after 1 bolt. You would think they would be annoyed, but they found it and didn't charge me
    alan haydar
    alan haydar
    John ans Mary good and honest people, the prices are cheaper from others