Quality Lock Set Parts to Suit Toyota in Melbourne

The original parts for Toyotas are hard to come by. Finding them is difficult, and the prices are expensive as well. So, why not opt for other alternatives that will suit your vehicle and save you unnecessary expenses? One such option is to go for second-hand genuine parts that are suitable for your Toyota.

BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd Is the go-to expert for finding such parts. We have a huge assortment of second-hand genuine lock set parts to suit any Toyota in Melbourne. These locksets have been tested and will meet the requirements of various models. You get durability and pocket-friendly prices in one go.

Check Out Our Wide Range of Lock Set Parts to Suit Your Toyota

We understand the need to keep your Toyota secure. Keeping your choices in mind, we have a huge stock of locks, such as:

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    • Door Lock Sets: You’ll find replacements for all lock set parts to suit most Toyota variants. This includes the driver, passenger, rear, and even boot locks.

    • Ignition Lock Sets: If you specifically seek ignition lock sets with keys, we have you covered. Your car will have better safety against theft and ensure a smooth, secure start.

    • Trunk Lock Sets: We can provide new trunk lock sets for your car’s boot. Additionally, we can change the existing one as well.

    • Fuel Flap Lock Sets: Keeping your fuel tank secured is a must. Get a reliable fuel flap that suits your Toyota for added protection.

    BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd has an extensive collection of lock flaps that cater to a huge range of Toyota vehicles such as

    • Toyota Land Cruiser
    • Toyota Prado

    • Toyota Corolla

    • Toyota Hilux
    • Toyota Camry

    • Toyota Aurion

    • Toyota Hiace

    • Toyota Kluger
    Lock Set Parts

    Tested Lock Set Parts to Suit Toyota in Melbourne

    We pride ourselves on providing quality second-hand genuine lock set car parts to suit Toyota. These components undergo rigorous testing before being sold to customers. Our experts check every lock for 100% functionality. Here are some features that you can expect from our lock sets:

    • Quality: You can expect our lock sets to meet the highest standards. Since every item is vetted and tested properly, their functionality is guaranteed. We’ll find the right replacement that suits your models for seamless performance.

    • Durability: We carefully select parts that are in good condition with minimal signs of wear and tear.

    • Cost-effectiveness: Replacing a lock set with a brand-new one can be expensive. Our second-hand genuine Toyota locksets offer a budget-friendly alternative without compromising on security.

    Why Choose BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd?

    BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd is your one-stop shop for all cheap lock set car parts to suit Toyota in Melbourne. Here’s why you should choose us:

    • Extensive Selection: We offer the widest variety of lock sets suitable for Toyotas.

    • Expert Staff: Our team is here to help you find the perfect lock set for your specific Toyota model.

    • Competitive Prices: Enjoy significant savings compared to brand-new lock sets without sacrificing quality.

    • Environment Friendly: Choosing second-hand genuine Toyota parts helps reduce waste and promotes a more sustainable approach to car ownership.

    • Convenience: Visit our shop or give us a call to inquire about availability.

    So are you ready to find the perfect lock set for your Toyota? Get in touch with us today and get great deals on high-quality parts. You can call us on 03 8361 8141 or email us at parts@bipautospares.com.au.


    Such lock sets are ideal if you’re looking for the following aspects:

    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Availability
    • Reliability

    No, these lock sets won’t be universally compatible with all Toyota models. That’s because lock sets differ from one model to the next. If you want lock sets for a specific variant, contact our support team. We can help you find the right one.

    Generally speaking, here’s what you should consider:

    • Year, make and model
    • Condition
    • Number of locks
    • Key compatibility

    Yes, in most cases, a lock set for your Toyota can be rekeyed by a professional locksmith. Rekeying involves modifying the internal pins of the locks to match your existing key. For more information, contact us today.

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