Brake System Parts in Melbourne to Suit Your Toyota

Brakes are an important part of any vehicle. A well-maintained brake system guarantees quick stops and enhances road safety. So if you require second-hand genuine brake parts for replacement or maintenance, BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd can help. Original Toyota components can be hard to find and are expensive. However, that shouldn’t stop you from replacing old parts. If the brake components have worn down, talk to our expert technicians. We stock second-hand genuine brake system parts to suit all Toyota models in Melbourne. Rest assured, they are reliable and meet high-quality standards.

Find Various Brake System Parts to Suit Your Toyota

Effective braking requires all the components to operate efficiently. Over time, these parts get worn out and require replacements. Our shop has an extensive inventory of various brake system parts to suit your Toyota. These should fit perfectly and enable proper functionality. Here’s a look at some of the components:

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    • Callipers: These hold the brake pads and pistons. They apply pressure to the rotors when the brake pedals are pressed.

    • Rotors: These are the parts your vehicle’s brake pads clamp onto when it needs to stop.

    • Master Cylinder: This cylinder creates the required hydraulic pressure for braking the vehicle. They convert the applied force on the pedal and stop the vehicle.

    • Brake Booster: As the name suggests, it enhances the braking performance of your car. It creates an added vacuum-assisted pressure every time your foot presses the brakes.

    • Brake Lines and Hoses: Hydraulic fluid, an essential component in the braking system, is carried by lines and hoses. Any leaks or damage in the system can lead to accidents.
    • Wheel Speed Sensors: These sensors track wheel rotation speed and prevent lockups during hard braking. They are crucial components in anti-lock braking systems.

    Brake System Parts

    Improve Braking Performance with Brake Parts that suit Toyota at BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd

    BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd takes great satisfaction in offering second-hand genuine brake system car parts to suit any Toyota. These are thoroughly tested before being sold and installed in the car. Our specialists examine every component to ensure functionality and longevity. You can expect the following features from our brake sets:

    • Durability: Care is taken to test these components before they are sold to customers. Additionally, only brake parts that are in good condition are recovered from these machines.

    • Cost-effective: There is no compromise on quality. Plus, they are much cheaper than brand-new parts. What you get is a pocket-friendly option for your Toyota.

    • Eco-friendly: By selecting such parts, you support an environmentally responsible strategy. This reduces waste as the life of the component gets extended.

    Why Choose Us?

    BIP Auto Spares Pty Ltd prides itself on providing top-notch but cheap brake system car parts to suit your Toyota in Melbourne. We stand out from the rest because of the following factors:

    • Dedication to Quality: Providing our customers with reliable, secure parts is our priority. Every component undergoes rigorous testing to satisfy the necessary performance standards.

    • Competitive Prices: When it comes to brake components, we have some of the lowest prices. Rest assured, you’ll get great deals on every part.

    • Large Stock: Our collection is huge and that increases your chances of locating the specific parts for your Toyota. In case you can’t find them, we’ll come up with an alternative solution.

    • Outstanding Customer Service: We are committed to making the experience seamless, from start to finish. We’ll respond to your inquiries, provide knowledgeable counsel, and help you locate the right parts for your Toyota.

    For details, you can call us on 03 8361 8141 or drop us an email at


    Yes. Although new brake systems offer the best possible performance and longevity, good quality brake parts that are suitable for Toyota are a reliable and safe alternative.

    BIP Auto Spares has a comprehensive selection of brake parts for various Toyota models. These include:

    • Brake callipers
    • Brake rotors (Discs)
    • Hydraulic components
    • Wheel speed sensors

    There are two main ways to ensure compatibility between brake parts suitable for Toyota and your car:

    • Year, make, and model
    • VIN

    Here are some things to look out for when buying such brake parts:

    • Rust or dents
    • Signs of leaks
    • Compatibility

    For reliable second-hand genuine parts that suit your Toyota, you can get in touch with our team.

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